Welcome to Ipsos in Switzerland!

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We believe that Market Research is a means to an end, which is enabling clients to make better business decisions and ultimately to maximise sales and increase profitability through better branding, innovation and communication.

Since 2006 Ipsos Switzerland has been servicing an increasing number of Swiss based companies from Geneva both on an international and local level.  In January 2013 we opened our new office in Basel.. At the same time we launched our Observer offer, geared to provide access to and coordination of fast, value for money, consumer research based data through our international Field and Tab network.

With the ever changing consumer landscape we are growing our digital practice, with projects ranging from social listening, digital communication optimisation and social spaces.

As one of the leading agencies in Switzerland, our talented team is truly multi-national and multi-cultural, consisting of 18 different nationalities.

Give us a call and we will gladly engage addressing your queries, interest and any market challenges you might have.

Looking forward to speaking soon!

Cees Faber, Managing Director, Ipsos SA


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